Month: March 2022

Not Incompetence, Genocide.

This tweet has got me temporarily banned from Twatter:

This one got the ball rolling:

It was made in response to this, from Clare Fox:

It’s pretty obvious that Twatter are going flat out now to try and hide the horrifying truth about the mass murders which have been committed by Big Pharma in league with governments and to protect the criminals responsible. They banned Nick Hudson today for tweeting this:

As more and more people die from the ‘vaccines’ and as it becomes universally acknowledged that lockdowns claimed far more lives than they ever saved, the perpetrators and accessories of these crimes against humanity are getting very nervous and very desperate to try and cover their tracks. It’s not going to work. You can’t hide a truth this awful, this enormous. In Australia, the truth is being spoken plainly and clearly by some brave politicians. Just watch this video. It’s mind blowing.

Here’s the website where you can find the video and full transcript:

Here are a few choice quotes from that transcript:

COVID vaccine injuries are hidden behind anonymous government data, while supposed COVID virus harm is splashed across prime time.

Douglas James Roberts died after taking AstraZeneca. His family are concerned that his GP didn’t warn him of the side-effects of the vaccine. In other words, no informed consent was obtained. Neurosurgeons at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital attributed his death to a stroke, despite no family history and a clean bill of health. They refused to report his death to the TGA—refused!

The Australian Health Practitioner Regulatory Agency, Ahpra, has been bullying medical practitioners into not reporting or even for talking about the harm they’re seeing. The TGA erased 98 per cent of the 800 vaccine deaths—98 per cent erased!—that physicians reported. The TGA did so without autopsy or suitable consideration of all the patient medical data. TGA, ATAGI and Ahpra are the three monkeys of the pharmaceutical industry: hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.

Section 22D(2) of the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989 requires the Secretary of the Department of Health to ensure the quality, safety and efficacy of the vaccines were satisfactorily established for each cohort for which the provision of approval is being granted. Data recently revealed in court papers in the United States clearly shows that vaccine harm was apparent in the clinical trials that Pfizer, BioNTech and others conducted. This information, if ATAGI had bothered to ask for it, should have resulted in a refusal of the application for provisional use. No data was provided to the secretary regarding individual test subjects—technically, anonymized patient clinical data. No independent analysis of the fundamental issues surrounding novel mRNA vaccines was conducted in Australia—none in Australia! Instead, the secretary took Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Moderna’s word for it.

I will say that again: the secretary took pharmaceutical companies’ word for the safety of their products. 

The situation is the same in the UK. The MHRA approved Pfizer’s mRNA ‘vaccine’ for emergency use without even bothering to analyse Pfizer’s own (fraudulent) trial data!

Staggering. Claire Fox argues that the response to Covid by governments has been largely an issue of incompetence and she defends the safety record of the vaccines according to her own ‘research’. I don’t believe that governments the world over could have been so universally coordinated in their incompetence and the evidence we have certainly suggests that is highly unlikely. I also don’t believe that Claire’s research could have been so incompetent that she managed to completely ignre the evidence in front of her eyes.

Mention should be made of the TGA’s decision to ban safe, fully approved and widely accepted alternatives to COVID-19 vaccines. This includes hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin; vitamins, minerals and natural antivirals; as well as proven messaging around healthy eating and lifestyles. The decision to ban proven, safe, affordable and accessible alternative treatments that are working around the world was taken to ensure the fastest and widest-possible adoption of the vaccines. The TGA’s own customers fund the TGA. That means pharmaceutical companies fund their own product’s approval. That fails the pub test. Where are the checks and balances? There are none.

Whistleblowers to the British Medical Journal provided reports of inadequacies, irregularities and possible fraudulent practices in the Pfizer vaccine trial—you know, the same trial for which the TGA took Pfizer’s word. From a modern immunological perspective, two frequent vaccines for respiratory viruses run the risk of desensitising the immune responses to the virus, and that leads to hypoimmunity and worse illness than without the immunisation. To put that simply: repeated vaccination is doing more harm than good.

To the Prime Minister, the health minister, the federal health department and all those in the Senate and the House of Representatives—all of you who have perpetrated this crime—I direct one question: how the hell do you expect to get away with it? We’re not going to let you get away with it. We won’t let you get away with it. We are coming for you. We have the stamina to hound you down and we damn well will.

There is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that this is not a cock-up, it is a conspiracy, a conspiracy so malign, so evil, that the perpetrators of these crimes and their co-conspirators have knowingly committed, or allowed to be committed, mass murder. I call it genocide, whether it be an incidental genocide in pursuit of political or financial gain, or whether it be an intentional genocide, of itself. It doesn’t really matter that much which option you go for. Malign intent has been established. Fraud has been established. Intentional mass murder has been established. Twatter is part of that conspiracy. They need to be tried as accessories to commit crimes against humanity, including genocide.

Update: 31st March 2022

John Bowe, who was included in the conversations above has also been censored by Twitter and has consequently closed his account in protest. I wonder what he said?

Babylon Bee Banned From Twitter: Oil and Gas Authority Steps Quickly Into the Breach

The UK Oil and Gas Authority tweeted this just over an hour ago:

I was initially bemused:

Here is that chart:

But it’s all OK. False alarm folks. Apparently the Babylon Bee was recently censured by Twitter for ‘hateful conduct’, i.e. being caught red-handed in the act of spreading humour, satire, irony and wit – about a certain trans person in the US being named ‘Woman of the Year’

The Oil and Gas Authority got wind (pun intended) of all this and decided that, if the Babylon Bee was looking at permanent suspension on Twitter, then they had best start sharpening their satirical skills. Hence this morning’s tweet. That’s a relief, I’m sure you’ll agree.

FDA/CDC ‘Hawks’ Miss Safety Signal The Size Of A Double Decker Bus – Should Have Gone To Specsavers.

I read this article from Steve Kirsch with mounting incredulity. Even me, who prides myself on my highly elastic and accommodating credulity in these extraordinary times where assumptions and preconceptions are challenged (and often shattered) daily.

The data was in public view in January 2021 that the vaccines were too unsafe for use in humans. By February, it was even more obvious. To this day, the CDC has never acknowledged this safety signal.

Steve is referring in particular to pulmonary embolisms reported to VAERS (although any one of numerous other serious adverse events should have rang the same alarm bells). Here is what the data reveals a couple of months plus into the rollout:

So, by the end of February 2021, there were 685 cases of pulmonary embolisms reported to VAERS post Covid vaccination vs thirteen reports of PE reported to VAERS for the previous five year period for all vaccines.

The COVID vaccines have rates of PE over 1,000 times normal in all age ranges and we had that data in January 2021.

That is a humongous safety signal which is impossible to miss, but somehow the ‘hawks’ at the FDA managed to achieve the impossible, as Dr Mike Yeadon points out on Gettr.

I don’t believe in miracles nor do I jump at extremely improbable explanations for events in order to avoid stating the obvious. Applying Occam’s razor to this apparently absurd situation, we must conclude the following: the FDA/CDC knew by the end of January 2021 that these ‘vaccines’, authorised for emergency use, were extremely dangerous in comparison to all other previously authorised vaccines. They ignored the evidence before their eyes, even sought to discredit and downplay the results of their own safety monitoring system. In so doing, they deliberately and knowingly placed millions of lives at risk. They even supported mandating these potentially lethal jabs. This is criminal malfeasance/medical negligence on a historically unprecedented scale and does in fact constitute a crime against humanity. But as Steve says, nobody wants to know:

There is simply no way to explain how the CDC and FDA refused to tell people about it when they knew it was happening. And they can’t say they didn’t see it since it was so obvious. If they say they never saw it, they are incompetent.

Now you know why nobody wants to talk to me. The mainstream press will never report on this. Congress will never have an investigation into this until Senator Ron Johnson is back in the majority in the Senate.

No Democratic member of Congress will return any of my calls.

I guess they think if they avoid the issue people will forget about all the people who have died or were permanently injured. And the mandates to get vaccinated (and wear masks) will continue until everyone is fully vaccinated and fully boosted.

Pfizer just asked the FDA for permission for dose #4. There is nothing we can do to stop this because nobody with any authority who is empowered to make a change will listen or look at the facts. It will all be rubber-stamped as before. Facts don’t matter.

Depressing. But we must keep fighting to reveal the truth.

The Cat Has Caught Up With What I Was Saying About Covid & Climate In 2020

Not wishing to blow my own trumpet, I shall content myself with strumming gently and forlornly upon my own little violin. I was saying nearly two years ago (actually it was two years ago) that Covid and Climate Change were basically two sides of the same coin and both thus essentially socio-political agendas hijacking ‘science’ in order to inject their false prospectus deep into our lives (and even, as it turned out, our actual bodies). Very few listened to me and quite a few criticised me, often in less than polite terms.

In April 2020 I wrote this article:

They got it wrong the second time because they relied upon an epidemiological model (adapted from an old ‘flu model) which predicted 510,000 deaths from a virus which we knew virtually nothing about. Professor Neil Ferguson at Imperial College, London said ‘DO SOMETHING OR PEOPLE WILL DIE!’ So the government did something and people still died, not in their hundreds of thousands, but, it would seem, in numbers probably irrespective of a lockdown which was initiated too late in the day and was nowhere near strict enough to have a measurable effect on what is probably an exceptionally contagious virus. American IMHE modellers got it wrong a third time, predicting loads more deaths in the UK and the US, even in lockdown, than actually occurred.

People are still scared by Covid-19; they’re scared of dying, naturally, not in many years’ time because of bad weather, but next week, due to some horrible illness which probably escaped from a lab in Wuhan, China. The government and the Medicine Men currently in control of control of government decision-making, use that fear to control us and to convince us of the legitimacy of their policy. 

Climate change modellers never get it wrong, simply because even when their models don’t agree with reality, this is either because the observations are wrong, or because they still ‘do a reasonable job’ of modelling past and present climate change (especially when inconvenient ‘blips’ are ironed out by retrospective adjustments to the data), but principally because the subject of their claimed modelling expertise lies many years off in the future – climate change to be expected in 2050 or 2100, when the real impacts will begin to be felt. Imperial’s and IMHE’s worst case scenarios look way off, just weeks after they were proposed and after governments acted on the modeller’s advice. Their assumptions are being rapidly challenged by new data and research. Nothing similar happens in climate change land. Their worst case scenario (RCP8.5), though comprehensively debunked, still lives on and is still being defended by Met Office scientists on the basis that ‘carbon feedbacks (however unlikely) cannot be ruled out’.

Then in July 2020 I followed up with this:

It is an article of faith: climate change is dangerous. Dare to criticise that view and, as a non scientist, you will be labelled a ‘climate denier’ and a crank. As a scientist, you will also be called a denier and a crank, as well as being ex-communicated, ostracised, hounded, disciplined, humiliated, vilified, cancelled, forced out of your job even. Dare to question the validity of epidemiological models which portray Covid-19 as a killer pandemic which, without lockdown, will cut through the populace like a knife, claiming hundreds of thousands of lives and overwhelming health services and you are similarly frowned upon by the prevailing epidemiological oligarchy.

As you can see from the comments, it didn’t go down too well because by then we were deep into mass formation psychosis territory.

But fast forward to 2022: the catastrophe of governments’ insane reliance upon Russian oil and gas and the fallout from the batshit crazy decisions by European governments to abandon nuclear generation and domestic fossil fuel extraction in order to virtue-signal a ‘just’ transition to ‘clean green energy’ in order to ‘save the planet’ have become all too obvious. Business, industries and domestic energy consumers are hurting badly, especially after governments already nuked their economies with idiot, absurd, equally catastrophic Covid ‘mitigation’ measures.

Enter the Cat:

zero carbon and zero covid are the same grift

the covid grift and the climate grift have an astonishing amount in common. it’s why it’s so easy to pivot from one to the other.

they both use hallucinatory models of imminent catastrophe that fail to conform to reality to generate scare stories and emergencies as a pretext for collectivist and globalist action and mandate.

they both make outlandish demands to change lives and lifestyles but only in VERY specific ways.

they focus entirely on that which necessitates control and submission and exclude with utter vehemence anything that actually works.

they are not about solving problems and never were.

they were everywhere and always about just one thing:

“accumulating power in the form of unaccountable socio/political authority and rent seeking wealth for the cronies that backstop it.”

and it’s the exact same playbook. hell, half the plays the covidians ran were drawn up by the climate crowd 20 years ago. it was a full blown carbon copy. (sorry)

So, it’s welcome aboard to the El Gato Malo feline, but the German Shepherd got there first by quite a wide margin (actually, that should be Alsatian because we’re using politically correct wartime terminology now).

C J Hopkins: Revenge of the Putin-Nazis!

I just had to cross post this brilliant satire from C J Hopkins and include some choice quotes:

And they’re back! It’s like one of those 1960s Hammer Film Productions horror-movie series with Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee … Return of the Putin-Nazis! Revenge of the Putin-Nazis! Return of the Revenge of the Bride of the Putin-Nazis! And this time they are not horsing around with stealing elections from Hillary Clinton with anti-masturbation Facebook ads. They are going straight for “Democracy’s” jugular!

Yes, that’s right, folks, Vladimir Putin, leader of the Putin-Nazis and official “Evil Dictator of the Day,” has launched a Kamikazi attack on the United Forces of Goodness (and Freedom) to provoke us into losing our temper and waging a global thermonuclear war that will wipe out the entire human species and most other forms of life on earth!

I’m referring, of course, to Putin’s inexplicable and totally unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, a totally peaceful, Nazi-free country which was just sitting there minding its non-Nazi business, singing Kumbaya, and so on, and not in any way collaborating with or being cynically used by GloboCap to menace and eventually destabilize Russia so that the GloboCap boys can get back in there and resume the Caligulan orgy of “privatization” they enjoyed throughout the 1990’s.

No, clearly, Putin has just lost his mind, and has no strategic objective whatsoever (other than the total extermination of humanity), and is just running around the Kremlin shouting “DROP THE BOMBS! EXTERMINATE THE BRUTES!” all crazy-eyed and with his face painted green like Colonel Kurtz in Apocalypse Now … because what other explanation is there?

Or … OK, sure, there are other explanations, but they’re all just “Russian disinformation” and “Putin-Nazi propaganda” disseminated by “Putin-apologizing, Trump-loving, discord-sowing racists,” “transphobic, anti-vax conspiracy theorists,” “Covid-denying domestic extremists,” and other traitorous blasphemers and heretics, who are being paid by Putin to infect us with doubt, historical knowledge, and critical thinking, because they hate us for our freedom … or whatever.

Ukraine Does NOT Have a Nazi Problem: That’s Just Russian Disinformation

The BBC was spreading this Russian ‘disinformation’ in the Pre Covidian Era, but that was then. Now such propaganda would obviously hinder the hysterical blue and gold virtue-signalling warmongers in their efforts to escalate a regional conflict into a full blown ‘safe and effective’ world war 3 involving major nuclear powers. We can’t have that.

Just because Ukraine is full of neo-Nazis, and recent members of its government were neo-Nazis, and its military has neo-Nazi units (e.g., the notorious Azov Battalion), and it has a national holiday celebrating a Nazi, and government officials hang his portrait in their offices, and the military and neo-Nazi militias have been terrorizing and murdering ethnic Russians since the USA and the Forces of Goodness supported and stage-managed a “revolution” (i.e., a coup) back in 2014 with the assistance of a lot of neo-Nazis … that doesn’t mean Ukraine has a “Nazi problem.” After all, its current president is Jewish!

Yeah, quite right, what have the neo-Nazis ever done for Ukraine?

Welcome to the new reality … a “reality” in which “history has stopped [and] nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.” Yes, I know you are sick of me quoting Orwell, but, given the circumstances, I cannot help it. Just reflect on how seamlessly GloboCap segued from the Apocalyptic Pandemic narrative back to the Putin-Nazi narrative, which had seamlessly replaced the War on Terror narrative in the Summer of 2016, and how instantly the New Normals switched from hating “the Unvaccinated” to hating the Russians, and then scold me again for quoting Orwell.

Well worth reading the entire article.

In the Midst of a Massive Avoidable Energy Crisis, the UK Government Intends to Pour Millions of Tons of Concrete Down Usable Fracking Wells

You might be forgiven for thinking either that the British government has gone stark raving bonkers or it has decided to sabotage the economy. Those are the only two rational explanations I can think of to explain the behaviour of our government, and they may not be mutually exclusive. I actually found it hard to believe this tweet by Steve Baker, but this is what ministers are actually planning.

The Sun has the story:

ANGRY Tory MPs have blasted a minister’s claims that two UK fracking sites have reached “the end of their useful life”.

Energy giant Cuadrilla is due to concrete over its two wells in Lancashire next week.

It has been ordered to do so by the Oil and Gas Authority in a ban on the gas extraction technique.

But MPs want that decision overturned and fracking to be given the green light again.

Absurdly, Greg Hands is claiming that these wells are being capped because they are ‘at the end of their useful life’ but the truth is they hardly even began to exploit their useful reserves before the fracking ban was introduced.

Energy minister Greg Hands told MPs late last week: “Gas wells need to be safely decommissioned at the end of their useful life.”

But Steve Baker hit back: “The minister’s suggestion that these wells are at the end of their useful life is outrageous. They are nowhere near the end of their useful life.

So, another massive lie by a government minister.

Why is the government rushing to decommission these wells which have the potential to re-energise the UK in the midst of this crisis and bring down energy bills for consumers and industry? Why? To my way of thinking, it is an act of economic sabotage and treason no less. Not even ‘away with the fairies high on batshit crazy green ideology’ adequately explains this decision. If it does go ahead, and the protests of Tory MPs are ignored, British interests will be very seriously damaged and consumers will pay a very heavy price for this deliberate policy of putting beyond use our natural gas reserves precisely at a time of acute energy crisis, perhaps the worst in history.

This government will then have two deliberate acts of economic sabotage under its belt: lockdowns and the scuttling of our gas reserves. We might want to ask ourselves in that case whether Putin is the greater threat to national security or own government is.

Ivermectin: How ‘Ghost Authors’ Played Down Hugely Positive Data In Dr Andrew Hill’s Review of Trials For The WHO.

In October 2020, Dr Andrew Hill was tasked with presenting evidence to the WHO on the effectiveness of Ivermectin as an early treatment for Covid-19 disease. He agreed to work with Dr Tess Lawrie, Pierre Kory and others who had performed trials with this cheap, repurposed, unpatented drug, to publish a paper. Those trials were very promising indeed. But Hill went ahead early, without Tess and the others, and published the paper as a preprint which, whilst it highlighted the clinical effectiveness of Ivermectin, mysteriously and inexplicably recommended that further randomized larger trials be conducted before any authorisation was granted. This was when many people were dying in hospital and was just before the introduction of the ‘safe and effective’ vaccines.

Here is a video made by Tess Lawrie in the form of a letter to Andrew Hill and it contains a record of their earlier exchange on Zoom re. the paper published by Hill, where Tess Lawrie questions him about its conclusions. It is quite frankly mind-blowing and proves almost certainly that Hill was ‘leaned on’ by persons unknown to seriously downplay the positive news about Ivermectin. We can speculate as to who those unknown persons were but it is without doubt that, if Ivermectin had been approved as a cheap, safe treatment for Covid-19 disease, then the emergency use authorisations for the ‘vaccines’ would not have been justifiable, nor for that matter would seriously damaging lockdowns.

Millions of lives across the world would probably have been saved if Ivermectin had been licensed for use in late 2020. But it would seem that an unholy alliance of corporate interests with political interests made sure that this drug was banned and ridiculed by the media and ‘influencers’ as a ‘horse dewormer’. Hydroxychloroquine was similarly discredited earlier after Trump advocated its use. In that particular case, the Oxford Recovery trials ‘proved’ it was ineffective by administering it in lethal overdoses to seriously ill Covid patients. It was pretty obvious that they would pull out all the stops to prevent Ivermectin being licensed for use just before the miracle mRNA and DNA based ‘vaccines’ were to be rolled out.