Del Boy Scientists Discover Clotshot ‘Trigger’

Our American friends might not appreciate the subtle headline above, most likely because they are unaware of the highly successful and much loved UK comedy series ‘Only Fools and Horses’. Del Boy and Trigger are both characters in that sitcom.

I use the headline mockingly, to illustrate the absurdity of UK mainstream ‘news’. This isn’t news. it’s not ‘newly discovered’. It’s not really ground-breaking scientific research. In fact, it’s been known about for years, even before the advent of the Covid-19 ‘vaccines’. I wrote about it here.

The BBC and the rest of the MSM here in the UK are making a big deal about it. This is the BBC headline:

Covid: Trigger of rare blood clots with AstraZeneca jab found by scientists

Shouts at you. Makes you think that some new and exciting scientific discovery has happened. It hasn’t. They may have uncovered more details about the mechanism involved. That’s it basically. All that’s happened is that Del Boy has discovered that Trigger has replaced the handle on his old broom.

The BBC say:

Scientists believe they have found “the trigger” that leads to extremely rare blood clots after the Oxford-AstraZeneca Covid vaccine.

The team – in Cardiff and the US – have shown in exquisite detail how a protein in the blood is attracted to a key component of the vaccine.

They think this kicks off a chain reaction, involving the immune system, that can culminate in dangerous clots.

It also started a scientific detective hunt to figure out what was going on and if it could be prevented. The Cardiff team were given emergency government funding to find the answers.

Ooh, really? A real life detective hunt!

The researchers thought the adenovirus might be linked to the rare clots occurring in some people.

They did? Why’s that I wonder? Could it have something to do with the fact that adenovirus vectors were implicated in blood clotting years ago? Surely not! I wrote about this very topic in the reference above:

The issue has been known about for at least 15 years, so there’s no excuse for the manufacturers to claim that such an adverse effect was unforeseen – it wasn’t. Here for instance:

Thrombocytopenia has been consistently reported following the administration of adenoviral gene transfer vectors. The mechanism underlying this phenomenon is currently unknown.

And here:

Thrombocytopenia is a major adverse effect of high dose systemic administration of adenoviral (Ad) gene therapy vectors. While a previous report did not find platelet activation by Ad [1], recent studies have shown that Ad may activate platelets [2] and binds in vivo to murine thrombocytes resulting in hepatic sequestration [3]. Ad-induced thrombocytopenia has been shown to be dose-dependent, saturable and reversible [4], compatible with a ligand-receptor mechanism. Recently, binding of Ad to platelet was indirectly suggested following interference of platelet adhesion to fibronectin after incubation with Ad [2]. In this study we developed a direct flow cytometry assay to quantitatively analyze Ad attachment to human platelets in vitro and to characterize their interaction.

So any claims of ‘new discovery’ by the press are total bullshit and moreover they conceal the fact that the manufacturers of the Oxford/AZ chimp virus ‘vaccine’ must have known from the word go that their product carried a significant risk of inducing blood clots.

They even knew a lot about the mechanism of the binding of the adenovirus to platelets way back in 2009 and this scientific study describes it in detail, which sounds suspiciously similar to the mechanism ‘newly discovered’ by Del Boy scientists today – though I’m not an expert judge in that respect. The point is, scientists knew that adenoviral vectors were a potential problem 10 years before the Covid ‘vaccines’ appeared on the scene. Just how gullible and stupid do the main stream press think we are?


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