Month: November 2021

They’re Coming For The Control Group

First they came for the old folk, then they came for adults over 50, then people in their 40s, 30s, 20s and teens. Then they came for the kids. But it wasn’t enough. There were too many ‘anti-vaxxer refuseniks’ who held out heroically, often at great personal and emotional cost, against the extreme coercion and the threats and didn’t get jabbed. They are the great unwashed, the unclean Unjabbed who, for personal, health or ideological reasons, decided not to partake in a mass human trial of experimental ‘vaccines’. Now they are coming for those Unjabbed of all ages. Why? Because they constitute the Control Group against which the performance of the ‘vaccines’ can be measured, weighed and perhaps found to be wanting.

This is not really surprising. As it has become increasingly obvious that the Covid jabs are not living up to initial expectations, that they are failing to stop transmission, perhaps even enhancing transmission, that they are injuring and even killing people and that there is now a worrying trend of jabbed people dying at a greater rate from all causes than are unjabbed people, the unholy alliance of Big Pharma and fascist governments have become increasingly desperate to get every living person jabbed in order to prevent any unfavourable comparison being drawn between those jabbed and those unjabbed. Pfizer and Moderna set the precedent in this respect, when they eliminated their control groups in the initial phase 3 trials, thereby precluding any longer term comparisons between those jabbed and those not, which might have revealed the ‘vaccines’ to be less ‘safe and effective’ than they claimed. It appears they are now trying the same tactic at the population level trials. I warned as early as July this year that this was their intention:

It’s now being recognised that this is what they’re up to:

Those who did not comply from the beginning of COVID Mania serve to pose the biggest threat to the power of these maniacal politicians. That’s why they’re attacking us so ferociously. The political elite pretend as if they care about COVID, but it’s not the virus that is keeping them up at night. It’s those pesky individuals who refuse to bend the knee – those are the ones in the crosshairs. The control group is the biggest threat to the people in power. They simply can’t survive the political ramifications of a control group outperforming the citizens living under the weight of destructive COVID Mania mandates and societal edicts.

How do you eliminate a control group in lots of countries consisting of millions of people? Via extreme – very extreme – measures. The pressure to get jabbed has been absolutely relentless and now government and the media are deliberately whipping up a frenzy of hatred and hysteria against the unjabbed, demonising them as the spreaders of disease and the sole reason why lockdowns are still necessary, convincing a gullible jabbed public that their freedoms are not being returned because of those nasty ‘anti-vaxxers’. This is of course complete anti-scientific, counterfactual bullshit, pure propaganda, but it is working, to a limited extent. However, many double-jabbed people see the trick and the unjabbed appear to be unmoved by this latest onslaught, so Austria has gone full fascist dictatorship and, to widespread dismay and horror, announced the first compulsory vaccination policy in the ‘democratic’ West. The disturbing historical comparison has not gone unnoticed. Germany looks set to follow suit. The silence from other world leaders is deafening. In refusing to condemn Austria, our very own Boris Alexander de Pfeffel Johnson fails to live up even to the ‘jaw jaw’ of Chamberlain, much less the ‘war war’ of Churchill, his alleged hero.

If Austria manages to pull off this heist and forcefully jab or else imprison the remaining third of its population who have thus far been reluctant to get jabbed, then it will have completely eliminated the control group, consisting of all unjabbed individuals over the age of 12. For good measure, they’ll also target those aged 5 or over. Other countries will be eager to follow suit. In the UK, under Section 45E of the Public Health Act 1984, it is currently illegal to require a person to undergo any medical treatment, including vaccination, even in the event of a public health crisis.

The Coronavirus Act 2020 does not alter this. So the Johnson regime will have to drastically change the law or equally drastically make life so unbearably miserable for the unjabbed that they eventually succumb to risking their lives and health in order to be able to enjoy, at least for a brief period (until the next requirement to be injected with a third, fourth or even fifth dose of poison), the ‘freedoms’ granted to them in return for obedience. I think that may be a very big ask in Britain, despite the very successful public brainwashing propaganda campaign. Too many people – both jabbed and unjabbed – are waking up to the scam.


Neil Oliver, on what’s happening in Austria.