Killing the Flock: The Insanity of Mass Vaccinating with Non-Sterilising Vaccines

For the faint-hearted and the clueless, virtue-signalling ‘I got my vax, now go get yours’ pro-vax fanatics, look away now. This is not going to be pretty.

First off, it’s not a ‘vaccine’, it’s (jokingly) a ‘vackseen’. This guy knows it and he explains it brilliantly, in the most entertaining, lively, accessible and informative manner:

But that’s not the half of it. Pfizer and Moderna both admit that their vackseens are unlikely to be sterilising (i.e. prevent ongoing transmission. The makers of the Oxford AstraZeneca jab have apparently conducted very recent studies which do demonstrate that their product prevents ongoing transmission, but we should take this claim with a large pinch of salt at the moment. We were told that the vackseens would herald the end of lockdowns and the removal of restrictions on our way of life. They lied, because they knew that the vackseens most likely did not prevent ongoing transmission, only reduced (by an indeterminate amount) the seriousness of symptoms in those infected. If you did your ‘duty’ and bowled up to get jabbed when ‘invited’ (e.g. badgered incessantly, ruthlessly, in many cases), then you were suckered. There ain’t no kind way of saying that:

Elderly people should not kiss their grandchildren even if they have received a second dose of a coronavirus vaccine, an expert claimed today.

Professor Anthony Harnden, deputy chairman of the Joint Committee of Vaccines and Immunisation (JCVI), said it may not be safe to break social-distancing rules even after having two doses.

“You need to be really careful and remember that even after the second dose of vaccine it’s not necessarily 100 per cent effective,” he said.

“At the moment, we still need to be cautious and obey the rules and I don’t think kissing grandchildren is allowed”.

Now they’ve moved the goal-posts – twice. First it was ‘back to normal’ when the most at risk get vaccinated which, considering that the whole point of the emergency authorisation vackseens was supposed to be to protect those most at risk of severe disease (the very elderly and those with severe health conditions), thus ‘protecting the NHS’, this made sense. But then they decided it was to be extended to the over 50s; now the goal, according to the NHS, is to ‘vaccinate’ at least 80% of the population so as to achieve ‘herd immunity’. This, apart from being pseudoscientific nonsense, flies in the face of the fact that it is highly unlikely that any of the vackseens so far authorised for emergency use will stop ongong transmission, thus making a mockery of this stated ambition – and, by the way, the pursuance by this fascist government of digitised domestic vaccination passports. Also, by vaccinating at least 80% of the population, this will undoubtedly mean that groups not recommended by the manufacturers to be administered the vackseens under the terms of the emergency use authorisation, will actually be included in the rollout, which is absurd.

In pursuing a policy of mass vaccination, the government is in fact conducting a very dangerous and medically unnecessary experiment upon humanity, one which the actual science does not justify. Why?

A vaccine researcher has called for an immediate halt to all ongoing mass vaccination campaigns. I quote:

Geert Vanden Bossche, DVM, PhD virology, independent seasoned vaccine researcher, previous SPO at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and SPM at GAVI is urging WHO and world political leaders to immediately halt all ongoing Covid-19 mass vaccination campaigns as there is compelling evidence that they will soon dramatically worsen the consequences of the current pandemic.

In particular, lack of understanding of the consequences of immune pressure on highly mutable viruses has now allowed for the approval of a number of Covid-19 vaccines that are completely contraindicated for fighting a pandemic, regardless of the technology used. Although safe and efficacious and providing temporary relief to part of the population and to healthcare facilities, these vaccines will soon come with a heavy toll to be paid by the entire population if mass vaccination campaigns continue.

In our naïve and simplistic attempt to prevent the pandemic from running its natural course, we are in fact providing the beast with an even much better opportunity to escape host immunity than natural infection does

This man has published an open letter to the WHO and he does seem extremely concerned and his arguments do appear to be reasonable. I don’t know if he’s legitimate, but given the magnitude of his warnings, it would seem odd if there is not some official reply from the WHO or qualified epidemiologists, if only to debunk his terrifying concerns. Personally, I think they seem quite plausible, if you read this:

It makes sense, if you apply selective pressure to a virus in circulation by using a ‘leaky vaccine’ in millions of people, then that virus is going to adapt to escape the vaccines and cause a lot more problems than if we had left it to run its course naturally through the vast majority of the populace who are not susceptible to severe disease, protecting only those who are vulnerable. This was the original plan and it was what was advocated by the Great Barrington Declaration. But governments ignored this sound scientific advice and went for lockdowns and now mass vaccination campaigns with wholly unsuitable vackseens.

This could turn out to be a public health catastrophe if the case with leaky vaccines in poultry is anything to go by:

“When a vaccine works perfectly, as do the childhood vaccines for smallpox, polio, mumps, rubella, and measles, it prevents vaccinated individuals from being sickened by the disease, and it also prevents them from transmitting the virus to others,” says Andrew Read, a leader of the research team and professor of biology and entomology and biotechnology at Penn State.

These vaccines are a type that is “perfect” because they are designed to mimic the perfect immunity that humans naturally develop after having survived one of these diseases.

“We humans never have experienced any contagious disease that kills as many unvaccinated hosts as these poultry viruses can, but we now are entering an era when we are starting to develop next-generation vaccines that are leaky because they are for diseases that do not do a good job of producing strong natural immunity—diseases like HIV and malaria,” Read says.

“Vaccines for human diseases are the least-expensive, most-effective public-health interventions we ever have had,” Read says. “But the concern now is about the next-generation vaccines. If the next-generation vaccines are leaky, they could drive the evolution of more-virulent strains of the virus.”

The leaky vaccines are here – the Covid vaccines. They are being rolled out to millions without a second thought about the consequences; in fact they are being outrageously coerced by governments worldwide. Do they actually want to see us all die if something goes wrong? The most vulnerable may initially be the unvaccinated, but even those vaccinated may be vulnerable to any virulent new variants which emerge as a direct consequence of this insane mass medical intervention. In that regard, remind me again why Blair was so keen to have partially vaccinated people wandering around for weeks longer than recommended by the manufacturers themselves, after receiving only one jab? Remind me again of the fact that many millions in Third World countries will indeed not be vaccinated for quite some time.

So, when you are offered your vackseen and you smugly think to yourself ‘yeah, I’m going to have it because I want to protect myself and my fellow human beings’ or you just think ‘I want to be able to go to the pub or go on holiday’, ask yourself if you’re really doing yourself and/or humanity a big favour by opting into this mass coerced clinical trial which Kill Gates has dreamed about for years.

Update: 9th March 2021

This guy is completely legit. This is actually quite terrifying. Why are government scientists now warning of a ‘third surge’ of Covid deaths and a particularly bad influenza season later this year? I suggest that they know they have potentially screwed up big time. A third of the UK have already been ‘vaccinated’ and millions more are likely to succumb to coercion. It may already be too late to avert this disaster. See where blind compliance to government and unshakable faith in ‘science’ gets you? See where it gets us?


  1. 23 minutes onward in the video above. Vanden Bossche warns of the very real possibility that if you are ‘vaccinated’ against SARS-CoV-2 (specifically the ‘old strain’) and new variants subsequently emerge which can evade the vaccine induced immune response, nevertheless, this vaccine mediated immune response is able to OUTCOMPETE your innate broad spectrum immune response (which would normally protect you against all variants of the same virus), meaning effectively that you will have NO RESISTANCE to the new variant.

    I seriously urge you, if you have not so far been ‘vaccinated’, then DON’T be tempted to get ‘the jab’, even though you may be severely pressured to do so.


  2. Australian health minister in hospital being ‘monitored for a bacterial infection’.
    Coincidentally, he received the vaccine last weekend.

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  3. Vanden Bossche has expanded on his explanation of the possible mechanism whereby vaccinated healthy adults and children will be at risk of a suppressed innate immune response because of the continued presence of antibodies to the spike protein which their cells are manufacturing. I find this extremely concerning and it is now the main reason why I would never consider succumbing to pressure to get jabbed, no matter how much pressure the government applies. It is quite beyond me why any healthy person not susceptible to serious complication from SARS-CoV-2 would even consider being injected with these experimental gene-based ‘vaccines’.

    “Mass vaccinaton sidelines variant-nonspecifc immunity in young and healthy individuals S-specifc, high afnity Abs induced by any of the current vaccines will outcompete natural, broadly protectve natural sIgM antbodies as the later only bind with low afnity to the spike protein of Covid-19. Even though the afnity of S-specifc antbodies induced by these vaccines may no longer sufce to prevent S-mediated binding of Covid-19 variants to the RBD of CoV, they may stll be able to hamper binding of sIgM. This is because natural sIgM Abs have low affinity for S protein (despite their high avidity for the virus surface). The ensuing suppression of the innate immune response will partcularly afect natural resistance of younger age groups which – thanks to a well-trained innate immune system – resisted Covid-19 disease during the first wave. During the natural course of a pandemic, suppression of the innate immune system (and hence, potentally enhanced susceptbility to disease) in previously asymptomatically infected people (primarily the younger age groups) is only short-lived as they only experience a momentary increase in S-specifc Abs afer infecton. Their vaccinaton, however, will lead to a long-lived suppression of their innate immune system while ofering only limited or no protecton against disease caused by highly infectous variants. It is, therefore, reasonable to assume that vaccinaton of young and healthy people will inevitably lead to long-lived
    suppression of their variant-nonspecifc, innate immune defense at the mucosal portal of entry without offering a protective adaptve immune response. These age groups may, therefore, be facing a prolonged increase of susceptbility to symptomatc infection and shedding, especially when exposed to more infectous variants. As S-specifc immune responses have immunological memory, the imprinted immunological ‘program’ of S-specifc Ab generaton and hence, innate immune suppression, will be recalled at every upcoming encounter with Covid-19 strains, or even with CoV strains at large (a phenomenon known as ‘antgenic sin4’). This is at risk of inducing a persistent state of enhanced susceptbility to CoV-associated disease in vaccine recipients.”


  4. Robert Malone has now thrown his considerable weight behind these warnings. If he is now saying that mass vaccination with ‘leaky’ vaccines is a very bad idea, then he has a bloody good reason for doing so. This is NOT good, not good at all.


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